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Welcome to our first Annual SFPE-SD Holiday Party at Dave & Busters in San Diego.

Date:        December 10, 2015

Time:       11:30 am – 1:30 pm

Address:  2931 Camino Del Rio North

               San Diego, Ca. 92810


$15.00 for Government employees

$20.00 for members

$25.00 for non-members

Please join us for this fun social event where you will each get a $15.00 dollar game voucher towards the arcade games along with a buffet style meal and soft drinks.

The Burn Institute will be attending for a brief overview of their most recent and upcoming events.

To Vendors – We welcome any gift prizes donations towards a raffle at our Holiday lunch meeting for our attendees.

Please RSVP by Monday December 7th and please pay on line on our website.

We look forward to seeing you at our Holiday Party.

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 An Overview of the Combustible Dust Hazard

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Mr. Duval has been working in the fire protection and life safety field since studying fire protection engineering at Worcester Polytechnic Institute (WPI). Prior to joining Cosentini, he was employed as a Fire Protection Engineer for Rolf Jensen & Associates (RJA), Hughes Associates, The Dennis Group, and the National Fire Protection Association (NFPA). His past and current experience includes the management of multiple clients and projects in all areas of fire protection and code consulting. The provided consulting and engineering services include fire and explosion protection systems, fire-rated construction, building and life safety code compliance reports, hazard assessment and risk analysis, high-piled storage analysis, combustible dust hazards, process hazard analysis, and model code and standard development.

Now the operations manager for the San Diego office of Cosentini, Mr. Duval’s responsibility is the growth and development of Cosentini’s presence in the Greater San Diego Area providing solutions to complicated fire protection engineering and building code based problems. Outside of fire protection, Mr. Duval enjoys hiking, the beach, and brewing his own beer.

Check on the calendar to find out more about the meeting time and location.

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Dear SFPE-SD Members, This is a reminder for those whom have not already RSVP’d for lunch meeting this Thursday September 10th.

Our first meeting of the year will be September 10th at 12 pm.   Our speaker and topic is:  Jonathan Sikes with Tyco Fire Protection Inc. discussing the fundamentals of water mist science

It’s time to renew your membership! Two ways to accomplish this: either in person at the meeting or online on our website under the Divalproex amex tab. The renewal fee is $25.

Great news! We are now accepting credit cards as a form of payment for membership renewals and for meals.  No more stopping at the ATM or writing checks!

The board has worked hard to line up some great speakers for you this year.

Topic of Discussion

Jonathan will be discussing the fundamentals of water mist science, the practical application of water mist fire protection inside buildings and equipment, and the hardware associated with many types of systems.

Jonathan’s Bio:

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Jonathan grew up in Agawam, MA, and received a master’s degree in Fire Protection Engineering from Worcester Polytechnic institute. Hobbies include soccer, lacrosse, hockey, racing motorcycles, shooting, volunteering, or, generally any intense activities.

As a code consultant, Jonathan has been committed to specializing in smoke control system design and commissioning, general building and fire code challenges from small residential communities to the tallest high rises west of the Mississippi, risk assessments of warehousing and manufacturing operations, and evaluations of the production and storage of hazardous materials.

Now representing Tyco, Jonathan focuses on business development, engaging with owners, architects and risk engineers to identify opportunities and work with decision-makers to tailor fire protection to specific needs. Education is always a top priority.


Sizzler’s Restaurant

3755 Murphy Canyon Rd, San Diego, CA, where to order Divalproex
Date:  Thursday – September 10th 2015 11:30 AM PDT 

Important Update

Sizzler’s has changed their menu for our lunch meeting where individual meals are not  available but instead  everyone still has access to their Salad Bar, and we will order Chicken and  Steak buffet style platter sets as needed.


$15.00 for Government employees

$20.00 for members

$25.00 for non-members


11:30AM:  Networking and Lunch

12:00PM:  Presentation

1:00PM:   Conclusion of Meeting

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can i buy Divalproex over the counter in australia We want to welcome you to the 2015-2016 San Diego Chapter of the SFPE. This year plans to be a very exciting year for the chapter with new guest Speakers and Events that will definitely increase our understanding and growth within the Fire Protection world and while expanding our chapter, we will also help do our part to increase the knowledge base . It is our hopes to see you in our meetings or special events. More to come soon so please stay tuned.